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Jel Nay Nay - thc a - Sativa (3.5g)

Jel Nay Nay - thc a - Sativa (3.5g)

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Jel-Nay-Nay is a masterful fusion of Indica relaxation and Hybrid vibrancy. The result is a well-balanced, versatile strain suitable for various occasions.

Dive into the lush tropical flavors that define Jel-Nay-Nay. A medley of fruity notes makes each session a delightful experience for the senses.

1g flower option is an in-store-only sample purchase.

*expect size and color of flower to vary

**material availability may vary. If desired material is out of stock at purchase Swin will contact you to find a suitable exchange. If Swin cannot reach you within 24hrs Swin will find a perfect alternative to ship in its place.

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